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We Care When You Are Not There

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Bright starts for budding minds

Letters and Numbers

The ABC's and 123's are a vital part of your child's early learning. We make learning the basics of reading, writing, and letter recognition through fun games, songs, and activities.

Shapes and Colors

With our specialized art time and creative play, we're able to help our students prepare by learning their shapes and color recognition.

Other Fundamentals

A well-rounded educational experience isn't complete without building great skills, like problem solving, healthy habits, and motor skills.

Our Building Blocks


Healthy Habits

Gross Motor

Gross motor development starts with physical play.


We believe that creative play is the core of lifelong learning.

Building the basics of core subjects to give your child a head start.

Learning good choices for diet and personal care.

Through teacher-led group task and self-directed activities, Great Expectations! Early Learning Center can offer a comprehensive preschool program for our students aged 3 - 5.

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