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We Care When You Are Not There

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Nutrition to grow and learn

Scratch-Made Daily

The chef at Great Expectations! prepares all the meals and snacks for the center from scratch. We believe that whole foods are essential for good nutrition.

CACFP Certified

In addition to our scratch-made meals and snacks, we're CACFP certified. This means all of our meal plans are evaluated and approved by the Department of Health Services.

Building Good Nutrition

It's our goal to help your child understand that nutritious, healthy foods can be delicious and fun. When started early, this can build healthy habits for life.

We Build Healthy Kids With...


Whole Foods


Good nutrition is an only half way there. Getting enough activity is essential.

Fun Foods

Making foods LOOK like they are fun is all part of the challenge.

Teaching our youngsters about healthy choices.

Your child will learn that whole foods are best.

At Great Expectations! Early Learning Center, we are CACFP certified. This means we're able to offer nutritionally balanced meals, prepared fresh daily, to our students.

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